Alertgy Awarded Patent US20200217809A1 Apparatus For In Vivo Dielectric Spectroscopy

Alertgy has been granted a patent for their innovative and groundbreaking radio frequency sensor technology. The awarded patent, Apparatus for in vivo dielectric spectroscopy (US20200217809A1), focuses on sensor technology that is 100% non-invasive and continuously monitors blood glucose in a way that does not involve blood oxidase, but rather dielectric spectroscopy and radio frequency. As a biotech startup, this patent validates Alertgy’s state-of-the-art technology as it continues to be improved, with the ultimate goal of transforming the world of diabetes management.

How Alertgy is Reinventing the Diabetic Industry

Alertgy’s continuous glucose monitor does not require any penetration of the skin, but instead measures blood glucose non-invasively via the newly patented dielectric sensor. The sensor technology will be the stand-out component in the non-invasive glucometer set to launch in early 2023, pending FDA approval. Recently, there have been several glucose monitors introduced to the market; however, these have had limited success due to issues with inaccuracy and poor reliability. Alertgy’s current device has shown promising results in multiple clinical settings, with the focus on real-time blood glucose monitoring and alerts without the need for patches, implants, or microneedles. Alertgy intends to entirely revolutionize the diabetic industry, offering a pain-free, no-prick system.

What Makes Alertgy's Patent So Unique

This patent protects the innovative design and capability Alertgy’s dielectric technology has to offer. The unique design is credited to its difficult ability to be miniaturized. Alertgy has utilized a solution that allows the sensor to be reduced into a wearable wristband platform. The dielectric sensor’s fully-functional capability in its miniaturized state allows the user to move freely and comfortably while wearing the device. These two key components of design and capability have yet to be provided on the current market, making not only this patent noteworthy but also Alertgy and their mission.

The Future of Alertgy Technology

Alertgy’s granted patent adds an additional layer of protection to Alertgy’s unique approach and cements the statement that Alertgy is truly discovering and developing technology that has never been seen before. With many more patents filed and going through the process, this crucial patent is sure to be the first of many that will help Alertgy to become the most groundbreaking new tech company of 2020.