Marc E. Rippen


Marc is an experienced and highly skilled technical engineer with over 30 years of experience. He has worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, SOCOM, and DARPA commercializing dozens of ground-breaking and revolutionary technologies. He holds various degrees across multiple interrelated disciplines including: Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Biophysics, Analytical Chemistry, Masters of Aeronautical Science, and Management of Engineering and Technology.

Ben Freer


Ben is VP of Engineering; He started with Alerty as a Principal Sensor Engineer where he has made significant technical contributions to the Alertgy DeepGluco Blood Monitoring and Alert Systems. Ben received his MS in EE from RIT, where he first began his research utilizing dielectric spectroscopy for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. He is a versatile engineer, specializing in sensors, monitoring, and IoT applications. He has developed technology that has been applied to medical, industrial, communications, and military industries, resulting in over twenty patents and several industry publications. Prior to joining Alertgy, Ben was an RF Engineering Manager at Lockheed Martin, and a graduate of their Advanced Technical Leadership Program and Emerging Leaders Program.

Alex Radetich


Alex Radetich serves in a dual role at Alertgy, as director on the company’s board of directors and Chief Business Development Officer, spearheading company’s business development efforts. He is also one of the early investors in the company. A graduate of Amherst College and University of Kentucky Patterson School, Alex is a serial entrepreneur with experience in international business, medical device marketing and consumer data marketing. After a successful sales career at Equifax Direct Marketing services, Alex co-founded Take 5 Solutions, a database marketing company that focused on unique direct marketing channels and pioneered several CRM and consumer acquisition data products. Throughout his career Alex worked with a leading Fortune 500 companies and over a span of 20 years became a well-respected and trusted expert in database marketing. When not working, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and contributing to charitable causes.

John W. Hodges Jr.


John has a BS in EE from the Citadel and is the principal electrical engineer and subject matter expert in RF technologies. He was awarded the SRI “Gold Nugget” award in 2013 for thinking outside the box and inventing paradigm shifting technologies many of which are patented today.

Dr. John Burd


Dr, Burd is the Chief Innovation Officer for Alertgy and has sat on the Board of Alertgy since 2018 and is responsible for advising the company on technologies and in strategic decision making. Dr. Burd was a founder and first CEO of DexCom, Inc. (NAS: DXCM), which develops, manufactures, and distributes CGMs for people with diabetes, eliminating the need for fingerstick blood samples. He has also actively developed products for Miles Laboratories and has served as Chief Operating Officer of MAST Immunosystems; Vice President of Research and Development at Quidel; Founder and CEO of LXN, which funded, developed, patented and marketed a unique home-use produce for people with diabetes; General Partner at Windamere Venture Partners; Founder and CEO of Oculir, Inc.; and Founder and CEO of Sabur Technology, Inc, which developed a noninvasive CGM with a strategic partner. He most recently launched his fifth company, Lysulin, which is a natural supplement formulated to help lower glucose toxicity. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madiso and is also CEO of Wonder Spray LLC at

John Hubert


John is the Chief Operating Officer for Alertgy, He started with Alertgy as its VP of Engineering and under his direction has directed its engineering team in the development of two generations of DeepGluco Continous Blood Monitoring and Alert Systems. He is a proven technically savy entrepreneur and one of the founders of very sucessful a commercial start-up company set up by Lockheed Martin to provide the military a dual use for their technologies by transferring military transceiver and sensor technologies into off the shelf products for non military applications. This company was later acquired at a great profit to Lockheed and others and serves as a success story for dual use product commercialization by Lockheed Martin. As a Principal Engineer at Lockheed he was awarded the coveted “Apex” award when the team successfully developed an innovative High-Power Quasi-Optical amplifier for DARPA. He designed numinous Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits enabling system miniaturization, published several papers/patents, and co-authored an Engineering textbook. He has a MS in ECE from UMass and was part of a team.

Craig R. Nelson


Craig is a savvy manufacturing engineer. He brings technologies from the laboratory to the market. He is an expert in automated industrial manufacturing processes, and a serial entrepreneur with a career based on establishing and managing technology companies spanning semiconductor thin film deposition, automated industrial and robotic manufacturing systems, and polymer lithium ion battery development and production. Craig holds a BS in Physics from Washington & Lee University, and has participated in over 12 start-up ventures in his career.