Alertgy Expands Into New Facility After Successful FlexTech Developer Partnership

Alertgy is excited to announce that we have moved to a new facility!  We are still in the process of organizing our new headquarters, but we wanted to share with you our newly expanded capabilities and our progress thus far. Alertgy is also pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Developers Agreement between Alertgy Inc. and SEMI – Flextech. SEMI is the global industry association representing the electronics manufacturing supply chain, connecting over 2,000 member companies and 1.3 million professionals worldwide. FlexTech is SEMI’s Technology Community focused on the growth, profitability and success of flexible and printed electronics. Community activities include organizing collaboration opportunities, directing research and development funding and advocating for the technology.

“Alertgy and its partners will work to solve challenges faced by civilians and military personnel. A Flexible Hybrid Electronic Wristband Sensor Platform will be developed to allow for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, along with other sensing functionality for military personnel,” says Alertgy CEO Marc Rippen.

Increased Engineering Capabilities

This new location gives Alertgy 2,500 square feet to continue developing its non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology! As we continue to grow and expand as a biotech company, this facility will provide a larger, more effective workspace for our engineers and front office staff. Previously, Alertgy rented multiple offices within the Groundswell co-working space and occasionally utilized an off-site manufacturing facility. The new facility, which remains located in Melbourne, FL, puts the entire team under one roof, allowing for better collaboration and a more efficient workflow. The new site offers dedicated space for materials engineering, electrical engineering, additive manufacturing, data science research, and clinical testing of our DeepGluco™ product. Our site provides several major advantages that the team has been looking forward to, including power supply to run commercial grade 3D printers and other equipment needed for rapid prototyping and increased research and development capabilities. Alertgy’s fully equipped electronics lab, dedicated to testing and improving Alertgy’s patented dielectric sensor, will help us continue to be a pioneer in non-invasive glucose monitoring!

About Melbourne, FL – Alertgy’s Headquarters

Photo Credit: Groundswell Startups

With the new year approaching, the timing and location of this move could not have been better for Alertgy’s continued success in 2021 and beyond. The Florida High Tech Corridor region includes 23 counties, spanning from Florida’s Sun Coast to Space Coast, which includes the Melbourne area. The mission of the HighTech Corridor is to attract, retain, and grow the high-tech industry and a workforce to support it. This council, chaired by several presidents of leading research institutions like the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Florida (UF), envision a high-wage, high-value economy that leads the nation and world in technology invention and innovation. Similarly, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has publicized Brevard County as an extremely innovative and competitive area. Brevard is not only known for being the epicenter of manufacturing and development for advanced military technology, but also for its collaboration between private, non-profit, and public companies to develop an increasingly competitive and sustainable workforce.

This area of Florida is home to the most ground-breaking and exciting innovations in technology and manufacturing, making it an ideal place to house our headquarters. Alertgy is extremely proud to continue representing the Space Coast in this new facility, as we strive to be the first biotech company to bring a non-invasive blood glucometer to market.