Alertgy is working for you...

We are revolutionizing the way you will manage your Type 2 diabetes, applying leading edge sensor and materials technologies to detect blood sugar levels and present them to you through Alertgy NICGM.

What is Alertgy NICGM?

The Alertgy NICGM is a band that you wear around your wrist that works with an app on your smartphone to measure your blood sugar.

Through the Alertgy NICGM you will be able to get a blood sugar reading on demand, see how your blood sugar levels change over time, and allow you to set alerts to notify you, loved ones, or others if your blood sugar level goes too low or too high.

The band will be waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and is worn 24 hours a day.

How is it different from how I currently measure my blood sugar?

  • Lancet free and pain-free
    – You will no longer have to draw any blood to measure your blood sugar.
  • Safe and giving loved ones a peace of mind
    – Alerts you or a loved one if blood sugar drops too low or goes too high. Can send alerts to your healthcare provider.
  • Convenient and discreet
    – You will no longer need to carry lancets, alcohol wipes, strips and a glucometer. You can get a blood sugar reading, on demand, through your smart phone. No one has to know if you are diabetic when you are checking your blood sugar. No mess! No blood and used supplies to dispose of.
  • Cost-effective
    – No supplies and strips to pay for, just the device.
  • Enabling health
    – Allows you to track how you are doing with your blood sugar.
    – You are able to better understand your patterns and use that information to better control your blood sugar. You can share this data with your healthcare provider.
    – Alerts you or a loved one if blood sugar drops too low or goes too high. Can send alerts to your healthcare provider.

When will it be available?

Our goal is to have the device available for purchase no later than 2020.
The technology works and we are currently building a prototype. The Alertgy team will be refining this prototype over the next two years, with the input of diabetics like you, to make sure that it meets your needs. We will also make sure that it meets the requirements of the FDA. Our goal is for the device to provide better readings then is currently possible using test strips and glucometers on the market.

How much will it cost?

Our promise to you is that we will make the device as inexpensive as possible.

Want to make it better?

If you are interested in supporting the development and launch of Alertgy GM there are two opportunities for you to consider:

  • Focus groups: Volunteer to provide feedback to the Alertgy team about all aspects of the development of the device that impacts the user experience. Topics that could be covered include band design, how information is presented to you on the smart phone application, outreach, and messaging. Help us make sure that Alertgy GM meets the needs of diabetics.
  • Testing and evaluation: Volunteer to be considered to support the testing of the device. If you sign up for this you will be notified of any opportunities for your consideration.