Leveraging technologies developed for the military to benefit public health.

Alertgy hopes to provide Type 2 diabetics a way to non-invasively monitor their blood glucose levels on demand, provide trending information and alert them automatically if their levels are too low or high. Alertgy will use advanced materials and sensor technologies enabled by an application on a smartphone.

Alertgy strives to provide an inert non-invasive sensor system embedded in a comfortable wrist band. Alertgy’s technology eliminates the need for implanted sensors, patches or devices that use chemical reactions or fluid transfer through the skin, clamped devices that use lasers or other intrusive measurement techniques.

Alertgy's Patent

Alertgy has been granted a patent for their innovative and groundbreaking radio frequency sensor technology. The awarded patent, Apparatus for in vivo dielectric spectroscopy (US20200217809A1), focuses on sensor technology that is 100% non-invasive and continuously monitors blood glucose in a way that does not involve blood oxidase, but rather dielectric spectroscopy and radio frequency. As a biotech startup, this patent validates Alertgy’s state-of-the-art technology as it continues to be improved, with the ultimate goal of transforming the world of diabetes management.