The Diabetic Technology Press by Alertgy

Alertgy Awarded Patent US20200217809A1 Apparatus For In Vivo Dielectric Spectroscopy

Alertgy has been granted a patent for their innovative and groundbreaking radio frequency sensor technology. The awarded patent, Apparatus for in vivo dielectric spectroscopy (US20200217809A1), focuses on sensor technology that is 100% non-invasive and continuously monitors blood glucose in a way that does not involve blood oxidase, but rather dielectric spectroscopy and radio frequency.

Showcasing a Groundbreaking Possibility for Alertgy's Non-Invasive Propriety Sensor Technology for Detecting Covid-19

Alertgy is in the process of developing two key components to execute this research study- (1) an electret mask with a microfiber matrix to trap viral particles and (2) an in vitro dielectric analyzer unit, which includes Alertgy’s dielectric sensor and a custom-engineered reservoir for the real-time analysis of the microfiber matrix from the mask.

What’s Next For The Biotech Startup Alertgy and Their Non-Invasive Glucometer

The biotech startup Alertgy has nearly completed the process of miniaturizing its first generation NICGM®, here’s what’s next for the non-invasive glucometer startup.

The New Med Tech Company That's Changing Glucose Sensor Technology

Alertgy is a cutting-edge biotech company working to revolutionize the way diabetics and pre-diabetics manage their diabetes. Alertgy has developed a technology that is unlike any other currently on the market.

What You Should Know About Alertgy's Deep-Gluco® AI driven Glucose Sensor

The Alertgy NICGM (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) is a one of a kind AI technology that gives diabetics and pre diabetics an easier, more cost efficient, and less painful way to monitor and manage their diabetes.