November 16, 2021

Melbourne, Florida and Dusseldorf, Germany –   Alertgy, a pioneer in 100% non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring won first place for the most disruptive medical technology in 2021 at a recently held DxPx Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.  Prior to this award, Alertgy secured top spot in DxPx’ North American competition. The prize, valued between $500,000 was sought by 237 applicants and 8 finalists globally.

According to Marc Rippen, Alertgy’s CEO and Founder, “This global recognition and monetary prize will allow our company to accelerate the speed of clinical trials in the US and Europe, develop the next generation device, and hire top-level medtech talent to take us to the next level.   We are extremely excited and proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last 4 years and DxPx is a validation of our efforts.   We are looking forward to commercializing our glucometer and helping hundreds of millions of patients worldwide afflicted with diabetes as well as the ever-growing pre-diabetic population”.

Through the use of its patented radio frequency sensor, Alertgy’s DeepGluco wearable device is able to accurately measure blood glucose in real-time, up to 3 times per minute.  Most importantly, using proprietary AI algorithm, DeepGluco can provide invaluable, up-to-the-minute life-saving alerts to the users, their families and endocrinologist.  Unlike other CGMs, DeepGluco eliminates interstitial lag as well as painful and uncomfortable side effects of patches, needles, and implants. The final DeepGluco form factor will be similar to modern smart watches, available to consumers following FDA and CE Mark approvals in 2024.

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