The New Med Tech Company That's Changing Glucose Sensor Technology

Alertgy is a cutting-edge biotech company working to revolutionize the way diabetics and pre-diabetics manage their diabetes. Founded in 2016 by Marc Rippen, an engineer with decades of experience in product development with organizations such as NASA, DoD, SOCOM, and DARPA Alertgy is poised to deliver their Generation 1 NICGM (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) to millions of diabetics throughout the world by 2023. Formed on the premise that diabetics deserve a better and easier way to glucose monitoring, Alertgy has developed a technology that is unlike any other currently on the market.

What Makes Alertgy’s Bluetooth Glucose Meter Different

Alertgy’s Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter works with Android and Apple smartphones, pairing effortlessly to give users real-time blood glucose updates, up to three times per minute. The Alertgy mobile app dashboard will give diabetics insights into their current blood glucose level, heart rate, blood oxygen level, perfusion index, body temperature as well as daily, weekly, and monthly trends for measurement of each. In addition, the glucose meter has on-board processing power, meaning that it does not require an internet connection or cellular service in order to provide this valuable information in real-time. Most importantly, all the information gathered by the Alertgy phone application can be shared with your health care provider. Instead of constant manual tracking of your blood sugar levels, the phone application stores all your data for up to 12 months, giving your health provider valuable information about how your blood sugar levels respond to your daily and weekly activities.

After each scan done by Alertgy’s DeepGluco™, a built-in AI system calculates accurate blood glucose levels while eliminating the interstitial lag that accompanies various other glucometers. With current CGM competitors, information is given about interstitial levels of glucose, which can leave out important information especially immediately after eating a meal or performing exercise. DeepGluco penetrates deeper into the body to measure blood glucose at the arterial level, which is invaluable for diabetics who fluctuate rapidly between high and low levels. The faster this information is available to the person, the more likelihood there is for life saving measures to be taken.

Built-In Alert Systems To Avoid Diabetic Emergencies

When blood glucose levels become too high or too low (becoming hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic), severe side effects can occur, including vomiting, rapid heartbeat, vision problems, and even death. For many diabetics, the thought of blood sugar attacks is frightful due to the possibility of being rendered unconscious or unable to move. In these situations, DeepGluco will be there for you. With a built-in alert system and customizable thresholds, the system will automatically alert your friends and loved ones in situations where your blood glucose levels become dangerous. If you are unable to get to your phone to make a call, Alertgy’s app will automatically send out a text message or place a phone call to seek aid, making sure you will be okay.

The most groundbreaking aspect of the Alertgy glucose meter is its ability to measure glucose non-invasively. Through patent-pending RF technology, DeepGluco can take accurately read  your blood glucose without the need for expensive and painful finger prick methods most commonly used today. Alertgy is bringing to the world the first truly non-invasive glucometer, which will transform the way millions of people care for and/or monitor their diabetes.