What You Should Know About Alertgy's Deep-Gluco® AI Driven Glucose Sensor

Alertgy® is a cutting-edge biotech company working to revolutionize the way diabetics and pre-diabetics manage their diabetes. Founded in 2016 by Marc Rippen, an engineer with decades of experience in product development with organizations such as NASA, DoD, SOCOM, and DARPA, Alertgy is poised to deliver their Generation 1 NICGM® (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) to millions of diabetics throughout the world by 2023. Formed on the premise that diabetics deserve a better and easier way to glucose monitoring, Alertgy has developed a technology that is unlike any other currently on the market.

Non-Invasive Solution

The Alertgy NICGM (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) is a one of a kind technology that gives diabetics and pre diabetics an easier, more cost efficient, and less painful way to monitor and manage their diabetes. Unlike modern continuous glucose monitors, Alertgy’s device requires no needles or blood draws when retrieving real-time information about blood glucose levels. At the size of most smart watches, the Alertgy NICGM is the first reliable noninvasive solution to improve diabetes management, giving insights into blood sugar levels that facilitate a healthier lifestyle. Alertgy does this by combining state of the art radio frequency technology with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

AI Meets Healthcare

Located in Melbourne, Florida, Alertgy is incorporating an AI driven approach to glucose monitoring. DeepGluco®, the built-in system that enables Alertgy’s wearable glucose sensor to accurately record glucose values up to 3 times per minute, provides the user with enhanced functionality compared to continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) available in today’s market. Unlike current CGMs that measure interstitial glucose levels, Alertgy measures actual blood glucose levels, which is critical for properly responding to hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic events. By incorporating AI and machine learning into the Alertgy watch platform, Alertgy’s NICGM gives users critical information about their health. The machine learning approach taken by Alertgy allows for instantaneous calculations of not only blood sugar levels, but also body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen content.

While artificial intelligence and machine learning have begun to slowly spread into the healthcare world, Alertgy’s AI infrastructure and algorithms are a breath of fresh air for the diabetes industry which has stagnated in technological development. The uncomfortable and bulky glucometers that use outdated chemical reaction technology are now being replaced with Alertgy’s machine learning system. This system can adapt to and assist each unique user and their diabetes management. The core mission of Alertgy is to help millions of people who need a better way to manage and monitor their diabetes. By harnessing AI and machine learning, users will have better access to crucial health information, trends in blood sugar, and factors that may be affecting their health. Pattern recognizing insights can help users distinguish positive or negative effects associated with certain foods or habits. This will empower users to adopt a unique approach on lifestyle choices, such as when to eat, what to eat, and the effects of exercise. Alertgy’s artificial intelligence enabled smart watch will have enormous positive effects on the health of its wearer and will be a disruptive force in both the biotechnology and healthcare industries.

Alertgy Patent

Along with the proprietary machine learning algorithms called DeepGluco®, Alertgy has been granted a patent for their innovative and groundbreaking radio frequency sensor technology. The patent, titled “Apparatus for in vivo dielectric spectroscopy”, adds an additional layer of protection to Alertgy’s unique approach and cements the statement that Alertgy is truly discovering and developing technology that has never been seen before. With many more patents filed and going through the process, this crucial patent is sure to be the first of many that will help Alertgy to become the most groundbreaking new tech company of 2020.