Author: Daniel Masteller

Alertgy Named as One of Six Finalists for Health2Con VentureConnect Event

Alertgy has been named as a finalist for the Health 2.0 VentureConnect event on Sunday, September 16th in Santa Clara, California. After a long process with multiple cuts, we have made it to the finale. This event will put Alertgy front and center for various venture capitalists and other investors. A 4 panel judge will select 2 winners after the pitch competition who will be named the new “Startup Champions”.  The judges include Terri Mead, Shubhra Jain, John Rosano, and Jody Holtzman.

Dr. John Burd joins the Alertgy Board

Alertgy is very pleased and honored to announce that Dr. John Burd has joined its board of directors. Dr. Burd brings to Alertgy over 30 years of experience in the continuous glucose monitoring industry. He is a true pioneer in his field having founded DexCom. At DexCom he directed the company’s work to develop, manufacture and market the first long-term implantable glucose sensor for people with diabetes. DexCom has a present market capitalization of more than $10 billion. After leaving DexCom he continued in his work as CEO of Oculir, MiraMedica, LXN, and continuous his quest to bring technologies to market to fulfill critical yet unmet needs of diabetics. After visiting Alertgy’s R&D center in Melbourne, Florida and having the Alertgy device tested on him he was amazed to see for himself that our technology will provide diabetics a solution to meet their most critical need: an affordable, easy to use, truly non invasive continuous blood glucose monitor and alert system. He has become Alertgy’s strongest advocate. Dr. Burd has authored and co-authored numerous articles and his work in the medical and biotechnology field has led to the filing and ownership of twenty-three patents and the development of many innovative medical products. He graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Biochemistry, and earned an M.S. and Ph.D., also in Biochemistry, from the University of Wisconsin.

Alertgy Selected as One of the Top 10 Diabetes Care Solution Providers

Medtech Outlook has selected Alertgy as a top 10 diabetes care solution provider, to be showcased in the October 2018 diabetes care edition. After a rigorous evaluation process competing against numerous other companies, Alertgy was one of 10 selected for this honor. The article will contain a one-page paper touching on various subjects such as our unique customer centered solutions, immense market possibilities, and our vision for the future. This opportunity will allow Alertgy to come face-to-face with the over 100,000 print and digital MedTech Outlook subscribers, giving us the ability to exhibit our company to tens of thousands of both healthcare professionals and diabetics around the world. With this article, Alertgy will further build meaningful relationships with professionals in the industry, while simultaneously broadening our name recognition with potential strategic partners and future consumers.

Ben Freer joins the Alertgy team

A native of New York, Ben grew up in Buffalo and currently resides in Syracuse. Ben received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo and his Masters in EE from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is highly knowledgeable in RF, sensor design, and biomedical device design. Ben focused his graduate research in dielectric spectroscopy, and holds patents for wireless power transfer and inductive environmental sensing. He will be a great asset to our team moving forward, and we are proud to have him aboard.


Alertgy is a leading edge health tech company for which the utilization of state of the art engineering software is an essential tool to accelerate the development of its advanced sensor systems. The ANSYS HFSS software enables Alertgy to model our technology under EMF, stress, and temperature constraints, in order to modify and perfect our product prior to commercialization. The ANSYS software is a cost-effective and growth promotive way to bring our technology to the consumer market.

To learn more about HFSS and how Alertgy plans to employ this software, please watch the video below.


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