Author: Daniel Masteller

Alertgy Traveled To CES in Las Vegas, Nevada


Alertgy travled to Las Vegas, Nevada in January to take part in the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our revolutionary technology to the more than 180,000 attendees. During the 4 day event, our team met with numerous interested companies and investors, who we look to build relationships with in the future. The show was another successful point in our journey to #StopThePrick!

Florida Today Features Story About Alertgy


Florida today, a Brevard based newspaper and online publication, featured Alertgy in a recent online news story. CEO Marc Rippen was interviewed and spoke about the history of the company as well as where Alertgy is today. Rippen explained why the company was founded, stating, “People right now, like my wife, when she pricks herself, she only gets a shot in time. She doesn’t know what it was an hour ago. She doesn’t know if it’s going up or down. She has to make a decision whether to take insulin or to eat, or not to eat — and not really with any amount of security in terms of making the right decision”. The article also talked about upcoming studies at Cleveland Clinic and FDA trials. To read the full article and watch the video, follow the link below!


Med-Tech Outlook Article for Top 10 Diabetes Care Solution Providers


Med-Tech Outlook has selected Alertgy as a top 10 solution provider for diabetes care. Their platform connects medical technology companies with healthcare professionals, hospital and medical institutions, and all those interested in new medical breakthroughs. The recognition in this prestigious publication for Alertgy is extremely gratifying and demonstrates how Alertgy is steadily gaining awareness. The one-page article covers the history of the company, where Alertgy is now, and where we will be moving forward, saying “Alertgy’s CGM is what every diabetic has been looking for, requiring no penetration of the skin by senors or chemicals and is easy and affordable”. To read the entire article, pick up a copy of Med-Tech Outlook!



Alertgy Featured In The Southern Startup Report


Alertgy has been featured in the Southern Startup Report for November 29th-December 12th. The $1.2 million seed round has been closed and was among one of the top out of the startups in the report. We are featured in the article with numerous other great companies in the South. Read more about it below:

Alertgy Featured in The Silicon Review


Alertgy has been featured in a recent article in The Silicon Review, one of the world’s most trusted online and print community for business technology professionals. Our CEO, Marc Rippen, was interviewed on a range of topics from the start of the company to Alertgy’s vision for the future. Read the entire article below!

Alertgy featured in IEEE Spectrum’s Blog



After the MEMS MSEC 2018 Technology showcase, Alertgy has been featured in the IEEE Spectrum Blog. Tekla S. Perry wrote about Alertgy saying, “The other standout in the showcase: Alertgy’s noninvasive method of monitoring changes in blood glucose.”

To read the full article, follow this link :

Alertgy is the winner of this year’s MSEC 2018 Technology Showcase


Alertgy has won the MSEC 2018 Technology showcase in Napa, California. The Technology Showcase event highlights state of the art, new sensor technology. This year Alertgy competed against N5 Sensors, NXP, Scorched Ice, and Sportfitz. We were able to present our non-invasive continuous glucometer technology to over 100 attendees and members of the press. Alertgy is extremely proud to have won this event, further establishing ourselves as a leader and innovator in the diabetes space.




“Fasting can reverse type 2 diabetes, a team of scientists behind a small study have claimed.

For their preliminary study, researchers asked three patients with type 2 diabetes to follow intermittent fasting programs and found they were able to safely stop using insulin to control their blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a major health issue in the U.S. closely linked to the obesity epidemic. Around 30.3 million people in the U.S. have the condition according to the latest figures from 2015: including 7.2million who are undiagnosed, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Most people have type 2 diabetes, where the body develops insulin resistance causing blood glucose levels to shift out of the normal range.”


Read the whole story here :

Alertgy Going to Napa, California for MSEC 2018

Alertgy will be heading to Napa, California on October 28th for the MEMS and Sensors Executive Congress. We will be competing in the technology showcase, an opportunity to highlight our sensor technology to others in the technology community and create great connections. This is another amazing opportunity for Alertgy to continue to reach out and gain notoriety outside of Florida. Follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter as we will be providing updates and pictures throughout MSEC 2018!