What’s Next For The Biotech Startup Alertgy and Their Non-Invasive Glucometer

Alertgy has nearly completed the process of miniaturizing its first generation NICGM® (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) into a smaller form factor that will be the size of modern smart watches. By replacing commercial off-the-shelf components with custom built parts, Alertgy has been able to greatly reduce the size of its NICGM. Throughout the design process, Alertgy has aimed to include as many crucial components as possible in the generation 2 device. An enhanced wearer experience is enabled by maintaining a slim and sleek design focused on comfort. This generation 2 Alertgy wristband will be smaller and more form fitting for the user and will include a plethora of additional sensors and functionalities, including sensors for measuring heart rate and blood oxygen. The addition of these components will allow Alertgy to gather more information about each unique user, increasing the robustness of Alertgy’s DeepGluco™ artificial intelligence system. This will in turn help to increase Alertgy’s ability to accurately monitor blood glucose in real-time during upcoming 3rd party studies and FDA clinical trials. Alertgy plans to have the completed generation 2 NICGM by the end of October.

Clinical Trials

Alertgy has successfully completed two 3rd party pilot studies, one with Melbourne, Florida based Complete Care and the other with Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Results from both studies are being finalized and will be published soon. After completion of the generation 2 NICGM, Alertgy will continue internal studies to gather data and improve the performance of its real-time glucose sensor. Throughout the remainder of 2020, Alertgy will gather and use this data to prepare for external studies planned for 2021, which will then help Alertgy prepare for FDA clinical trials. Alertgy plans to focus on non-invasive glucose monitoring of non-insulin dependent Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics during its FDA clinical trials.

COVID Detection

Alertgy’s patented RF sensor technology has the potential to detect molecules other than glucose, both inside the body and in lab-based settings. For this reason, Alertgy is partnering with Florida Atlantic University (FAU) on a study to determine the efficacy of Alertgy’s sensor technology and its ability to detect the COVID-19 virus. Alertgy is building a standalone benchtop unit that will operate similarly to the Alertgy NICGM. It will have a specialized petri dish holder used for analyzing different samples in the FAU lab environment. This benchtop unit will be delivered to FAU researchers. They will perform experiments and gather sample data that the Alertgy team will then process with their proprietary algorithms. Alertgy is confident that their patented RF sensor technology has and will demonstrate the ability to measure a multitude of things outside of just blood glucose. The study with FAU is an early step in the process to showcase Alertgy’s technology as a viable platform for a wide range of diagnostic abilities.

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Alertgy is a cutting-edge biotech company working to revolutionize the way diabetics and pre-diabetics manage their diabetes. Alertgy has developed a technology that is unlike any other currently on the market.

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The Alertgy NICGM (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) is a one of a kind AI technology that gives diabetics and pre diabetics an easier, more cost efficient, and less painful way to monitor and manage their diabetes.